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"My work explores SPACE in the context of close human CONNECTION.

Moving to Santa Fe exposed me to openness all around – in the skies, the land, even the community. This outer spaciousness was freeing, but also awakened me to crowding inside. I began to recall the calmness of Japanese people riding in densely-packed Tokyo subways in the late 70’s, realizing I had seen them making space inside.

Using a gestural approach, my abstract acrylic and mixed media paintings express the experience of space constriction and expansion inside us, outside us and interspersed throughout. Moving between great and small, dark and light, dense and open; adding and then subtracting, I give voice to the freedom that comes from squeezing through to the other side of things. 

At the end is hope and space to breathe."

"Pat achieves the delicate balance asked of an abstract painter - to navigate the personal terrain of emotion through visual narration, to transform the personal into the universal." 
-Lauren Mantecon


Pat Pecorella is an artist based in Santa Fe, NM. She received her PhD in psychology from the University of Michigan, conducted research at the University’s Institute for Social Research and published journal articles and a book on the topic of organizational change.


Following her passion for visual arts, she formed a production company and worked as a screenwriter, director and producer in the independent film industry in Chicago. Her short films were accepted into juried film festivals in the United States, Canada and Australia.


Since first setting foot in Santa Fe, the vast land and skies captivated her attention and imagination. She transitioned from film to art and studied painting with several established artists/instructors such as Jill King, Krista Harris, Nancy Reyner and Lauren Mantecon.

Currently, she paints full time in her Santa Fe studio. She is a member of the Santa Fe Studio Art Collective and the Artist Alliance and is represented by Enchanted Studio Props.

"I've had the pleasure to observe Pat's beautiful handling of line and her willingness to push the boundaries." 

-Krista Harris

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Pat Pecorella


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Second Street Studios in Santa Fe, NM

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