Nancy Reyner

Artist, Author and Art Educator

"Pat uses paint to delve deeply into cultural concepts, such as her recent foray into early eastern forms. Her skillful distillation of imagery, along with technical mastery of materials, color and composition create dynamic, contemporary works that attract and engage."


Jill King

 Artist and Arts Educator

"Pat Pecorella is one of those rare creative spirits that I have been fortunate to work with in my Studio workshop classes based in Evanston, IL. She was never afraid to take risks, which resulted in her revealing/developing unique personal imagery. Her paintings not only demonstrate her sensitivity to the world around her, but also her technical strengths and ability to paint expressively."




Krista Harris

Artist and Art Instructor

"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Patricia in her Santa Fe studio and it is evident to me that she has a deep devotion to and understanding of her process. It was a pleasure to observe her beautiful handling of line, her thoughtful dedication to her work, and her willingness to push the boundaries." 


Lauren Mantecón

Artist and Art Instructor

"I have had the pleasure to witness Patricia while working in my studio. She is fearless in her approach to process. Patricia achieves the delicate balance asked of an abstract painter; to navigate the personal terrain of emotion through a visual narration of mark making and paint. 

It is a pleasure to watch her transform the personal into the universal."


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Pat Pecorella


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Second Street Studios in Santa Fe, NM

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